How Can We Win the Final Battle?

July 31, 2014


Read this if you want to learn the inner truth of what’s really going on in the Middle East.

Sorry, but everything on Facebook is urgent these days. It seems that every 15 seconds, something new is posted that explains what’s really going on. And I’m fairly sure there are a lot of posts I don’t see, ones that tell a very different story of what’s really going on.

What I see is that there’s a war alright, but the one with Hamas is just the outer manifestation.

The inner war is the one between body and soul. Everyone’s. And the fighting has intensified, which shouldn’t be surprising, considering where we are on the Jewish calendar.

We are in the Nine Days before Tisha B’Av, a fast day next Monday night and Tuesday, commemorating the time G-d chose to destroy the Temple in Jerusalem, forcing our people to wander from country to country for two thousand years.

What has been the purpose of that? (If you’re still reading this, you’re probably already scrolling to the bottom, so I’ll make it short.)

The whole purpose of our dispersion has been to show us that we are One People with One Torah given to us by the One G-d.  When we have learned this lesson sufficiently, G-d Himself will rebuild the Third Temple and it will exist eternally.

(Still with me?) We all have different reasons why we don’t wholeheartedly embrace these concepts, but what matters now is for all Jews to take even tiny steps to try.

I get into trouble for saying things like this; nobody likes to be intimidated into observance. I’m only saying that a few small steps, especially if made by a lot of people at this particularly auspicious moment, could be hugely pleasing to G-d. (There, does that sound better?)

Is there anyone among us who is still so stubborn to think that His mercy is not what has sustained the Jewish people all these years?

If someone offered you a winning lottery ticket, asking only that you make an effort to acknowledge the Divine, wouldn’t you give it a try?

The Jewish people’s power to actualize the Redemption and the building of the Third Temple is analogous. Sooner or later, we are all going to win, the whole world is going to win. But how much better will we feel if we at least buy a ticket.

With the birth of the State of Israel, our eternal homeland, the Jewish people regained its “body.” But until we fully restore G-d into that body, we can’t function as a whole and healthy entity. We are at risk of attack from our enemies and divisiveness among ourselves.

But something is happening right now in the world that feels different; the attack from our enemies is eradicating the divisiveness among ourselves. And that’s what restores our collective Jewish soul.

For this, every Jew owes a debt of gratitude to Eyal, Gilad and Naftali, the three Israeli teens who were murdered.

They not only saved the Jews of Israel from the terror tunnels being built for a massive Rosh Hashanah attack, they caused Jews everywhere to discover their inner love for one another, like “one person with one heart.”

Which means that we are closing in on the time when G-d will shift the balance of power to reveal the spirituality inherent in all physicality. When the Temple is rebuilt and the whole world sees G-d’s Truth, Tisha B’Av will even be converted to a festival day.

This final battle is a spiritual one, and the key to victory is in the hands of Jews. But we can’t be afraid to ask for G-d’s help.




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    lieba, you have outdone yourself!!! you have synthesized this impossible situation into something we can all get— maybe not understand the WHY-but we are given the basics: G-D/LAND/PEOPLE/BODY/SOUL/COLLECTIVE/ many thoughts—i can’t even imagine what could have happened in sept. if those tunnels still existed—and i don’t want to try…thank you once again

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