I’m Changing My Identity

November 21, 2014


I like change, even thrive on it. As a teenager, my biggest fear about adulthood was that it would be boring. Thank G-d, that has not been a problem.

And just over a year ago, along came an aha! moment when blogging became an obvious, even essential, change.

I know four zillion other people are blogging, but no one is saying what I’m saying in the way that I’m saying it.

And so I began.

I am unafraid to share my blog’s overarching (sounds like a yoga pose) purpose. It is the same as my life’s purpose. An essential Torah precept is that this world is the launching pad for the Redemption, a world where G-d is perceivable to the human eye, and that I am here to make that world reality within myself and for those around me. (If you’re reading this, consider yourself “around me.”)

Of course, many people don’t buy into much of what that last paragraph said, which is why I write about all different kinds of different Jewish things–holidays, concepts, and what everyone seems to like best, my spiritual struggles–hoping that something I write may trigger something in you that will nudge (or is it noodge?) you closer to G-d and Torah. Because, our sages say, that just one fleeting thought of coming closer to G-d and Torah could bring the entire Redemption. (Read: no more slaughtering of Jews, for one immediate thing.)

And that would be a lot of bang for my blog.

Some weeks, well over a thousand people read The Chosen View on thejewishchronicle.net, and on other weeks, only a few hundred people do. Some weeks, I watch the number of views steadily climb on thechosenview.com, and on others weeks, the views trickle in.

I wish I knew what made the difference. The title? The time of day I post? What else is happening in the world?

I would love to hear more from you, whoever you are and wherever you are, and I will try to respond. I know I need to change in that regard.

Yesterday’s post was one of those times when the views were down. “Blood” mustn’t be one of those compelling words; if you didn’t read yesterday’s post, please do. I even changed the title.

And within the next few weeks, maybe even next week if I can figure out the technicalities, I am also changing the identity of my blog to ponderingjew.org.

The reason is simple: Chabad.org wants me to.

Starting the week of December 7th, G-d willing, my blog, ponderingjew, will be available on the world’s largest Jewish web site. I’m not sure how many clicks it will take to find it or how many posts they will include, but the thought that my words could reach a Jew anywhere on the planet thrills me to the moon.

So, I’m changing, slowly but surely, in the next few weeks. I hope I make it easy for you to change with me.

Have a good Shabbos, and ladies, if you light Shabbos candles, please do so on time. (Please click here for exact times.) Have in mind Shmuel ben Baila, Chaim Yechiel ben Malka and Eitan ben Sara. They are the names of the men who were wounded inTuesday’s terror attack in the Jerusalem synagogue.


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